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Protecting Teeth with Preventive Dentistry in Pelham, NY

It’s surprising how many patients assume that, as they age, their teeth will fall out and they’ll need dentures. While this was commonplace in the past, improved at-home oral hygiene products and better preventive dental care available from dentists has allowed significantly fewer patients to require prosthetic tooth replacements every year. It all starts by making preventive dentistry appointments twice a year a priority. These preventive visits allow our team to diagnose and treat oral health issues in their earliest stages, if not stop them before they ever start. Contact our office in Westchester to find out more.

Your First Dental Visit

At every visit, patients are greeted warmly and invited to relax and make themselves at home. For those patients who have completed their new patient forms from the comfort of home, we’ll get them back to the treatment room as quickly as possible. If patients need to complete their documentation, we’re happy to provide these forms during their visit. Then, patients are shown to one of our operatories where we take diagnostic X-rays and conduct a visual examination. Additionally, one of our skilled hygienists thoroughly cleans their teeth. The part of every visit that we dedicate the most time and attention to is the one on one consultation. During this time, Dr. Alexander Vaiman or Dr. Irina V. Kessler review the results of our examination, answer patients’ questions, and make recommendations for further treatment. Before patients leave, we develop a personalized plan for oral health treatment going forward. We work as partners with our patients and help them choose the treatments that work for them.

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Every six months, we recommend patients visit our office for a checkup and professional teeth cleaning. These twice a year appointments allow our team to diagnose and treat oral health concerns in the earliest stages, and in many cases, prevent these issues altogether. These check-ups consist of diagnostic X-rays (usually once each year), and a visual examination where we screen patients for common oral health issues like tooth decay, gum disease, bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, and oral cancer. Our hygienists clean patients’ smiles and provide instruction for proper at-home hygiene as needed. While we are dedicated to offering preventive care, possibly the most important reason we see patients two times a year is to establish a rapport based on trust and respect so patients know they can rely on us for even the most advanced treatments.

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